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Under ConstructionNote: dgCarousel is still in development. Currently v1.00a hasn’t been thoroughly tested and it lacks some final features that will be available in v1.01+. However, it’s a fully functional alpha version.


dgCarousel is a jQuery plug-in that converts a set of list elements into a functional, animated carousel. The carousel is fully customizable. The fixed width of the carousel is customizable as is the fixed width of the elements inside it.


pdf IconThe carousel is easy to implement and only requires the jQuery js library. A detailed user-guide can be found on Github. Click here to download the latest documentation\user-guide. The documentation will explain all the expected parameters, the requirements, and how to customize the look and feel of the carousel.


To get a taste of the carousel’s capabilities, here are some screenshots of what a carousel will look like under different widths, but with the same content:

Screenshot 01 - 960 px

Width 960 Pixels – 10 Items @ 150 Pixels width each

Screenshot 2 - 800 px width

Width 800 Pixels – 10 Items @ 150 Pixels width each

Screenshot 3 - 600 px width

Width 600 Pixels – 10 Items @ 150 Pixels width each


For a live preview, click here.


v1.00a (along with the demo and jQuery files) is available for download from:

Github (https://github.com/DominikGorecki/dgCarousel)

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