I’m a CSM

  I’m a certified ScrumMaster now. I took a course through the Scrum Alliance and offered by Berteig Consulting (Mishkin Berteig taught). It was a good experience and I will write a detailed blog on my thoughts regarding Scrum and Agile in general.

Code First Entity Framework with MVC4 and Visual Studio 2012

I am a huge fan of ADO.NET’s Entity Framework (EF) that bridges the gap between¬†modelling¬†entities\business logic and data engines. It allows web-programmers like myself to focus on the solution instead of worrying about properly setting up databases, keys, foreign-keys, constraints, and indexes. Because of it’s quick turn-around, EF is perfect for prototyping and proof of concepts. For enterprise sized solutions, code-first created databases may require some greater optimization, but that can always be achieved after the fact if not in the solution itself. Querying and operations are a simple¬†endeavour–simply work with the abstracted model and let EF worry about performing …