Facebook Page Follow Inflation

As publishers increasingly rely on Facebook for traffic, we find ourselves in the age of the Like/Follow saturation age. Very simply: as the number of pages a person “likes” grows while their attention stays constant, the value of each “like” drops. While the like/follow rate has decreased, on average each page is still growing (at around 2%).

Source: Chart beat

The figure above shows that Facebook releases around 1B visits outside its walled garden. So as your followers follow other pages, your chances being seen in their feed diminishes. In this way, the value of a follower drops. It also means that not all followers are created equal. The fewer pages a user follows, the more valuable their follow is to you.

Social Media Inflation

Source: Track Maven

The Social Media Inflation index highlights this issue. It essentially says that if you’re not growing at some average rate, that you’re actually falling behind. For example, if your page grew less than 2% in December of 2016, you should expect to get less out of it in Jan 2017.

The problem is exacerbated by the idea that you’re now competing with ads, boosts, and–most importantly–the family and friends feed.

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