Sketch Wireframe Kit

Sketch Wireframe KitI have used wireframe kits such as this one in the past, but I was never 100% happy with any. The one I used most is the Jaws Sketching Kit but it didn’t have that “sketch” feel to it–the lines were just too perfect and I’m not as into rounded corners anymore. For that reason, I’ve decided to build my own. I’m still missing a few items that I don’t use often for wire-framing, but if I ever do create them, I will update the kit.

UPDATE 6-14-2013: I didn’t really have time to write about the sketch kit the first time around because I was really busy, but I wanted to explain why I wanted it to have a very rough feel. The reason for this, it is to remind the person reading it that wireframes is all about layout and nothing about final look and feel. It’s supposed to symbolize a very unfinished and incomplete design. When wireframes have such things as rounded corners or any type of styling, it may be interpreted as the design or look and feel of the final product. By having a sketch feel to the wireframes, the reader knows that this is an unfinished product and the placement\location of elements is more important than how they may look\feel (at this point in the design process, anyway).

Adobe Illustrator CS5 File  and PNG (for backward compatibility) – dgSketchWireframeKitV0-1 (download link)

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