Useful jQuery Plugins – Part 1: Scrolling

There are some great jQuery plugins out there that make our life a little easier. I’m not going to talk about any of the jQuery UI components which I use on a regular basis, but rather some of the 3rd party plugins that are available. They are all open source and free (this is the reason why I’m not including isotope). This is the first of a 4 part article.

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For some reasons I’ve used a lot of different scrolling plugins. The following are very useful plugins to make your pages a little more interactive:


This is an awesome plugin that comes with some great extensions that give you the ability to trigger events at different scroll points, supports infinite scrolling, create sticky elements, and even get scrolling statistics.

Download Waypoints 2.02

Official Webpage – For latest version and documentation


Great plugin if you have elements that you want to scroll within divs. I use it on the menu of this blog. This plugin uses the subtle mac-l;ke scroll bars that display when you mouse over the scrollable element.


Official Webpage – For latest version and documentation


If you need to jump from one part of the page to the other with a nice animated effect, this is a great option.

Dwnload jQuery scrollTo

Article – For good documentation and download
Github – Repo for latest version

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