New UI – The Beta

So I completed the first stage of my new user interface for this blog. You’re looking at it right now, but don’t look too critically as it’s only in the beta phase. As I’m writing this, I’m aware of several layout issues, and some parts aren’t complete at all. For one, I still need to style the comments section of single blog pages. I also need to fix the overflow issue of many categories in the footer.

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All that aside, I’m very happy with the new look and feel. I will soon post all about this new UI in an article entitled, Content is King. For now I’m going to simply list all the things that still need I need to work on.

Short Term

These are  all the items I plan to complete within the week:

  1. Testing: A thorough test of
  2. Layout: Styling the input of the email subscribe in the menu 
  3. Layout: Fixing overflow issues of footer
  4. Layout: Styling <strong> and <ul> elements
  5. Layout: Styling comments section
  6. Layout: Styling links
  7. Functionality: Bug with left nav on window resize
  8. Content: Properly tagging and categorizing past posts
  9. Content: Going over past content to ensure it is encoded properly
  10. Content: Completing the about page

Long Term

Items that I plan to complete within one month:

  1. Adding share functionality on individual blog posts
  2. Popularize my blog by exchanging links with other writers
  3. Putting my twitter feed on the blog(?)
  4. Responsive design: for now, the website is only designed for a screen with a width resolution of 1024 or more. Soon, I hope to make this UI responsive for any screen including mobile. I already programmed many of the functions I will need to make this happen, but implementing it will take time.

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