Microsoft 70-480 Exam Notes

I passed Microsoft’s  Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 Exam with a great mark, and it helped that I made thorough notes. Please note that these notes are incomplete and I also relied heavily on writing out JS code in JSFiddle so that I would better comprehend the code. I will post the links to JSFiddle sometime in the future after I go over them (they are very rough). However, my notes provide a great start and some excellent links. I recommend that you use them as a starting point. You will notice that many of the topics are missing (especially towards the end) because I was running out of time. 

Link is below.

Pdf Document



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  1. Hi Dominik Gorecki
    I am going to write the Microsoft Exam 70-480 on March 5,2013. I would really appreciate your notes as well as the link to JSFiddle to practice JS Code. I need your help in passing this exam. Please do reply.

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