dgCarousel – a jQuery Plugin


Image by Elenapaint @ Flickr

I am the proud new owner (if one can call it that) of an open source project: dgCarousel. It is a simple, easy to use jQuery carousel that takes a set of list elements and converts them into a fixed-width, animated carousel. It’s customizable, extandable, and adaptive (sort of).

I decided to start this project for several reasons.

First, I wanted to learn how to create jQuery plugins the right way. I wanted to follow their standards and best-practices, which was also an excellent learning experience in adapting and utilizing an existing API. I followed the example from the jQuery Authoring Documentation, and I hope to relay my new found knowledge in a tutorial on creating jQuery plugins.

Another reason why I created this project is to gain an inside perspective about open source software, online collaboration, and github.

Finally, and most importantly, I wanted to give back a little to the online community that has provided me with so much. I am amazed by the amazing works that have emerged from the online community; I wanted to be part of that club. I hope that this little plug-in will be useful for some.


For now, this project is available on Githu here.

I hope to have documentation and screenshots available in a future post.

Note: Image was downloaded under the CC liscence from Flickr here.

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