C# Reference – BCL

Base Class Library common namespaces
  • System – primitive data types like Int32, Double, String, Booleans, and others.
  • System.Collections – convenient collection types such as lists, sets, and dictionaries.
  • System.Data – data access functionality with support for online and offline data access, targeting variouskinds of databases.
  • System.Diagnostics – interactions with system services for event logs, performance counters, processes, and so on.
  • System.Globalization –  classes that are used for writing globalized applications.
  • System.IO – constructs required to do all sorts of input/output, with streams, support for files, named pipes, and such.
  • System.Linq is where support for Language Integrated Query lives, enabling easier access to all sorts of data through integratedlanguage syntax.
  • System.Net contains classes for networking, supporting various well-known protocols such as TCP, UDP, and HTTP.
  • System.Reflection allows runtime inspection of managed types as well as dynamic generation of IL code.
  • System.Security wraps all the security-related functionality, ranging from CAS and permissions to cryptography.
  • System.ServiceModel is the root namespace for the WCF APIs used in serviceoriented programming.
  • System.Text has several useful types for manipulation of text, support for different encoding schemes, and use of regular expressions.
  • System.Web is where ASP.NET finds its home, containing various web controls, configuration APIs, support for server-sidecaching, and so on.
  • System.Windows makes a home for various user interface technologies such as Windows Forms and the WPF.
  • System.Xml obviously provides XML support of all sorts, including schema and transformation APIs, LINQ support, and more.
Adapted from C# 4.0 Unleashed.

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