Blown to Bits

book-bitsThis book is a must read for techies and laymen alike. Technology has such a profound influence in our daily lives, and Abelson, Ledeen, and Lewis provide the much needed perspective for our new world. The authors are not young hipster CEOs from the remnants of the .com bubble, but rather seasoned players in the computer realm. Abelson is the class of 1922 professor of Electrical Engeneering and Comp Sci at MIT! After doing the math, that can’t be right; can it?

Anyway, they’re not young is what I’m saying. They got into the game before it was cool or profitable, lived through the highs and lows, and gained insights and views that can one can only realize after a life-time of achievement. These are our brilliant authors who chose to share their priceless insights in a free e-book published under CC copyright.

Take advantage.


Download it here, or from their website.

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