Gun shots and Mud

Dirty Shoes and Sock

Oz and I hiked our longest Elgin Trails hike yet! The ground felt pretty moist and muddy, and the ground slipped beneath my feet on several occasions. It’s a pretty technical, tough trail at times; some parts of the trail slope towards the river for long stretches at a time. It’s pretty tough on the ankles. Despite this, the experience was fantastic. No clouds flew overhead and the sun gilded the scenery around us. In the distance we occasionally heard the echo of hunting rifles, which—oddly enough—added to the serenity of the moment.

We only took two breaks: once on our way out at the cement bridge on a dirt road that cuts the trail, and then at the same location on our return. Overall, the hike took approximately 3 hours and we both yearned for clean clothes, showers, and food. And dry, hard ground beneath our feet.


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