A Re-commitment

Like so many well-intentioned bloggers, I started off with the idea that I would regularly write posts, but as time went on I almost entirely forgot about it. Well I’m recommitting myself to the project. I don’t expect that anyone will necessarily read this, and I’m mostly writing this blog for me. The absent reader may then ask, “why make it public?” Of course I could simply fire up Word and begin a journal of sorts (the old joke: “I’m a man; I don’t keep a diary, I write a journal”) but there’s something uniquely powerful about a public document.

In a private diary journal, the author is free to empty his brain without the ego censoring the id (something for the psych. scholars). Certainly there’s value to that freedom, but there’s something missing. A public diary blog–whether it get’s any real readership or not– forces the author to think about his audience (or potential one); the author needs to consider how he is perceived, what’s of public value, and he needs to censor his writing to the values of his true character. More than that, the author takes greater care of his writing, of researching his points, and of relating to the world. For those reasons, a public blog has greater value for the author whether the public reads it or not.

Of course, for authors that may have something interesting, important, or valuable to say, the audience may gain as well. However, that cannot stand out as my only reason to re-commit to this project since it’s very likely that these words will not be widely read. So I’ll concentrate on the previous list of benefits, and if some reader should find value in my thoughts then I’ll take it as added cherry on the digital cake. Crap, I may have mixed up my colloquialisms.

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