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Trends in Online Advertising

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Over the last 5 years we’ve seen galvanizing trends that have both propelled and wounded the ad industry. The things that helped or hurt us (the publishing and ad industry) aren’t always so obvious. Ad Blockers Ad blockers is all that anyone talked in Q3 of 2015. Some ad blockers made it to the top 10 most downloaded apps on …

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Reviewing Kevin Kelly’s, “The Inevitable”

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Kevin Kelly doesn’t attempt to predict any minutia, but rather large paradigm shifts. As an example, two hundred years ago, he might have foreseen the industrial revolution, but not the Ford model-T. This high-level thinking and abstraction helps us put our current progress into perspective and allows us to understand the shifts already underway. The Book Review my Larry Schmitt from The Inovo …

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Pillars for Publisher-Platforms

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Publisher’s cannot just rely on producing great content anymore–they need a delivery platform that keeps readers engaged and active. Even if a publisher solves the difficult problem of sourcing traffic, their long-term success will largely depend on factors beyond what the editorial chair can offer. In short, content is a necessary condition, but no longer a sufficient one. LA Times or …

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Framing Career Competition

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The Competitive Landscape Despite that our corporate jargon borrows so heavily from the military and war (chief executive ____, sales forces, run up the flagpole, killing the competition, guerrilla marketing…) and despite that some of these metaphors apply, we sometimes forget that we aren’t actually at war. Limbs aren’t lost. Buildings aren’t exploded. People don’t die. Sometimes the success of our direct competitors brings us …

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Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

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This book spoke to me. I’m an optimist and I strongly believe in positive cultural and technical evolution (think Abundance by Diamandis). Things aren’t getting worse; things are getting better. I encourage you to challenge cliche statements that idealize the past at the expense of the present. “Things have gone to shit. In my time, we used to…” Cut it out. We’re …

I’m a CSM

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  I’m a certified ScrumMaster now. I took a course through the Scrum Alliance and offered by Berteig Consulting (Mishkin Berteig taught). It was a good experience and I will write a detailed blog on my thoughts regarding Scrum and Agile in general.

Building Web UIs

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So my new job has been keeping me very busy, which is why I haven’t written a post in a long time. However, since I have a little extra time during these Christmas holidays, I’ve decided to write a little post about some UI coding principles I now embrace. This mostly pertains to HTML\Javascript\CSS. The over-arching philosophy for this is …

Net Monetization and Micro Payments

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Some of you may have noticed the latest web trend: content monetization. Content that used to be free such as on NYT and WashPo is now limited to only so many articles, and in some cases entirely closed off. This is the new Web. Unfortunately, the future will only bring more of this. While I like free content as much …